Little Cuddle Snuggles Baby Blanket Collection

Beautiful personalised Baby patchwork Blankets, ideal for Little One's Special Occasions,

New born, Christening and First Birthday. Personalised FREE with their name embroidered on the front. 

Give that extra special gift, creating lasting memories. A fantastic keepsake.

100% Cotton fabric front, 100% Polyester Fleece fabric back, with a 50% cotton/ 50% Polyester Cuddly middle.

Totally scrumptious! 

The unique designer baby Blankets are available in one practical size 32” x 32” square (81 x 81 cm approximately). Multipurpose personalised baby Blanket and Floor-time play.  Ideal for on the go, to snuggle up in a pushchair, car seat and even in the shopping trolley baby seat.

Personalised Pink Baby Blanket

Personalised Blue Baby Blanket.