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Memory Blankets Made From Your Baby's Treasured Garments


Having a blanket made from your cherished baby's first clothes is a must for all parents who have gorgeous memories of their little ones first arrival.

Gifted and special garments hold memories that need to be around you and your family everyday.

A blanket that adds to the decor in the nursery or cuddled on the sofa.

Avoid loosing or forgetting about those treasured garments. If you pack them away you will never remember to get them out again. Start the process now, order you blanket and have those treasured memories for many years to come.

Having a blanket made is so overwhelming and exciting, each one unique and one of a kind.

Each blanket is lovingly created with attention to detail, including fasteners, cute images and textures on display.

Both my grandsons have had their own blankets made, I love the Gruffalo and mouse on the dungarees, the detailed poppers on the spaceship baby grow. Patchwork at its best, including personalisation.

Others have expressed love for their treasured blankets-

*****Wow I am absolutely amazed at the beautiful blanket. Thank you so so much. You are very talented.
I can’t thank you enough.

*****We received our memory blanket today made from our 1st borns clothes it is absolutely beautiful and amazing 😍😍 thank you 😊 very much x H L

Each Patchwork blanket includes inner wadding and 100% cotton backing and are available in two sizes-

82 x 82 cm (32") Regular (36 patchwork garment squares) - Your will need at least 18 chosen treasured Baby Garments.

120 X 120 CM (44") Large (49 patchwork squares)- Your will need at least 25 chosen treasured Baby Garments.

(If you don't quite have the amount of garments it's not a problem, our designers will discuss a design with you.)

Choose from a selection of backing fabrics.

Place your order now and start collecting your little ones garments. Don't worry if you haven't quite got the garments ready, you have taken the first step to receiving your blanket, the story of your little ones arrival. We will keep in touch to get the blanket completed.

Order now, we can't wait to start designing and creating your cherished keepsake.

How do you create the blanket from my baby garments?

Each garment is cut into two squares, paying attention to the garments details- poppers, zips and images. Then sewn together to complete the front of the blanket. Wadding is added, then the backing fabric.

What fabric is used for the back of the blanket?

The backing fabric and wadding is included in the price. You can choose the backing fabric from our selection when placing your order.

How long will it take to complete my Blanket?

Most blankets are completed in 7-14 working days. Contact us if you have a special date in mind, we will do our best to help.

Can I have my blanket personalised?

Yes. It's free! Complete the name option when ordering.

How large is the blanket?

82 x 82 cm (32") Regular (36 patchwork garment squares) - Your will need at least 18 Baby Garments.

106 X 106 CM (42") Large (49 patchwork squares)- Your will need at least 25 Baby Garments.

Can I have one made if I don't have enough garments?

Yes. We will contact you and provide design options.

How do I send you my garments?

Place your order and we will contact you with the address to sent your garments. Then send us your garments recorded post or courier. You will need to pay postage.

Do I have to pay delivery?

No. Delivery of your completed blanket by tracked courier is free.

Can you make a blanket from my own design?

Yes. We do a bespoke service, just contact us with your design ideas.

Order now and get the process started, there is no time limit and we will be in regular contact. You can also pay by instalments. 

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