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Pet  Bandanas

Slide-On Bandana

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A super-smart Queen's Jubilee dog bandana, with balloon shaped Union Jack flags on a lovely sky blue background! Your pal will look stunning for Her Majesty's celebrations this year!

Tie-On Bandana

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A bandana is not only an accessory to give your pet a little style and flair, it can also serve a real purpose. It can be used to protect your pet from sun as well as to keep them calm in stressful situations; by spraying it with a calming spray.

It's time to up your furry friend's style game with our premium design dog bandana. Featuring the classic timeless patterns on high-quality fabric, the bandana will be a perfect accessory for your pals daily walks.

Our traditional knotted bandanas are super simple to tie.
Or choose the classic slide on collar design a must-have style accessory for your fury friend.

Even the simplest dog accessories like the bandana can have a significant impact on how your pal looks.


  • Seamless fit with numerous sizes for all dogs breeds.

  • Stretches four ways for easy "on and off" application and comfort

  • Easy to wash to keep your dog fresh and to fight against the notorious "wet dog" smell and bacteria.

  • Quick drying & lightweight

  • Numerous prints, designs & colour options

  • Priced affordably for multi-pet households.

How to Fit Your Bandana-

It's easiest if you stand behind your pup or by his side. You should place the bandana gently underneath his chin and secure it loosely at the top of his neck. When checking to see if the fit is correct, you should be able to place two fingers between the bandana and your dog's body. If you cannot do so, the bandana is too tight. Your best bet is to shop by collar size. The slide on bandana slides easily onto your dogs collar. Fit collar onto your pet as usual.